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    TAAAC Negotiates salary increases and sickleave pay so that teachers can worry less about compensation and enjoy what they love to do.

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    United we can have our voices heard...TAAAC gives members a forum and fighting power.

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    Take advantage of the members benefits that TAAAC has negotiated with local businesses.

Who We Are

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TAAAC is an advocacy organization which exists to further the professional concerns, economic interest, human and civil rights of its members, and to promote equitable, quality education in Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

TAAAC is an organization of teachers, representing all teachers in the Anne Arundel County Public School.

Member Benefits

  • hospital sick leave bank

    TAAAC provides disability income protection through its Sick Leave Bank.

  • new home home buying discounts

    Exclusive home buying discounts reserved for TAAAC members.

  • new car auto buying services

    The TAAAC Auto Purchase Plan offers a special low price on new cars, which is coordinated through the managers of the participating dealers.

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Our News

April 17, 2015
From Number One to Unranked / Time to Carry Signs!

TAAAC members are asked to come to a Public Hearing on Anne Arundel County’s FY16 Budget on Monday, May 11, at Annapolis High School and to arrive by 6:30PM to join in 30 minutes of informational picketing prior to the 7:00 Hearing.

Why carry signs? To bring attention to the injury six consecutive years of no more than maintenance of effort allocations from the County Executive and Council caused to Anne Arundel Public Schools...