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The tutors on this list are all certified teachers in the county. If you would like to become a tutor please contact the TAAAC Office for an application.

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    injured on the job

    • Call TAAAC and speak to your UniServ Director.

    • Report the injury to the principal on a Worker's Compensation form within three days.

Information Reports
interested in information on any of the following topics?
  • Excessing Procedures
  • School Violence: What are Teacher's
  • Responsibilities in Breaking Up Fights
  • Maternity: It's Implications on Your Job / Your Rights
  • Worker's Compensation
  • "What You Wouldn't Get If You Were a Non-Member"

Call the TAAAC Office, (410) 224-3330, to request one or more Information Reports to get answers to your questions on the above listed issues.